Hidden Fence Installation FAQs

Will a hidden fence damage my lawn?

No. We use state of the art equipment to install your hidden pet fencing. It causes very little damage to your lawn. After a few weeks, you will not even be able to see where the wire is buried.

How deep is the wire buried?

The wire is normally buried 4 to 5 inches in the ground but, it can be buried as little as 1 inch or as deep as 8 inches depending on the terrain or the type of yard we are working with.

I have an underground sprinkler system in my yard. Can I still have a pet containment system installed?

Yes. Our highly experienced installers take great care when working in a yard with a sprinkler system. We will flag all of the heads in the yard before any digging begins.

What about underground utilities, cable, electric, gas, etc. ?

We will call MISS DIG before beginning any work on your property. They will come out and mark and flag all of the utilities that are buried in your yard. We will hand dig in those areas. This will ensure the safety of our hidden invisible fence installers and protect against temporary loss of utility service for you.

What about driveways and sidewalks?

Not a problem at all and, best of all driveways and sidewalks are included in our price. We do not charge extra for crossing them. Even if there is more than one.

I only want my back or front yard enclosed can this be done?

Yes. We can install in a front or backyard only. However, we recommend that all exits from the home be enclosed to keep your pet from leaving the safety of the yard through those exits.

Can we separate the front and back yards to create two zones?

Giving me the option of having my pet in the front yard or the backyard, not allowing them access through the side yards? Yes, you can, and there is no extra charge for this option.

Most Affordable Hidden Pet Fencing In Michigan

Our revolutionary hidden pet fencing uses an electronic collar and underground signal wire creating a virtual barrier to “contain” your pet. Furthermore, our hidden fencing can save you hundred’s, even thousands of dollars compared to the Invisible FenceĀ® brand, Pet Stop, Dogwatch, Dog Guard, and other hidden & InvisibleĀ® Fence dealers in Michigan.

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