Hidden Fence Layouts for Michigan Pet Owners

We all know every pet is unique, just as every property is unique. At SafeBet Hidden Fence Of Michigan, we’ll work with you to design a pet containment system layout that accomplishes your goals and satisfies your pet’s needs.

The perimeter layout is definitely the most popular layout requested, and its layout encloses your entire yard. Your pet will be able to play to their heart’s content on your entire property, without worry of escape.

There are many different layouts to meet the needs of you and your pet, so contact us today for a quick consultation to decide which layout work best.

Most Affordable Hidden Pet Fencing In Michigan

Our revolutionary hidden pet fencing uses an electronic collar and underground signal wire creating a virtual barrier to “contain” your pet. Furthermore, our hidden fencing can save you hundred’s, even thousands of dollars compared to the Invisible Fence® brand, Pet Stop, Dogwatch, Dog Guard, and other hidden & Invisible® Fence dealers in Michigan.

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